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Now Wessex have added to the range with the CR95 ‘Vivace’ professional large bore cornet to produce the classic brass or military band tone with warmth, brilliance and projection.


Priced at close to beginner models but plays more like a top of the line model.  We also supply a Dennis Wick mouthpiece of your choice (small upcharge for certain syles or finishes).

Fitted with top sprung Monel valves; gold brass bell and leadpipe; triggers on 1st and 3rd valve slides; comfy finger ring; and modern button water keys.
Supplied in plush high quality case with new Wessex CR mouthpiece gold-plated.

Bb Cornet Pro 'Vivace' model

  • Specifications:

    • Key Bb
    • Bore: 11.66mm
    • Bell: 125mm