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The Wessex Luzern has a dark, full tone and is one of the best BBb tubas you can buy for any money. This tuba is Highly-Recommended!  It is available in 3 models including a unique all gold brass bodied model with garland and a higher percentage of hand made workmanship on special order.

BBb 5/4 5-Rotary-Valve Tuba ‘Luzern’

SKU: TB575
  • Wessex previously sold a 4-rotary valve BBb tuba, Luzern which was very successful with good feedback from customers. However for modern music and playing the BBb bass part in brass bands, then 5-valves are really required to cover the full chromatic range down to the fundamental.We have therefore redesigned the tuba with a 5th rotary valve tuned to a flat tone, as is standard on modern tubas – and operated by thumb of right hand. At the same time some other redesigning took place to make it play even better still exclusive to Wessex.  This is now a tuba that can be used to play any contrabass tuba, or BBb bass music – and provide a superb broad tone under band or orchestra.We believe this the best value, full size BBb tuba available and is sure to satisfy player of any standard from local community band, to leading professional.

    A special order option is available (full gold brass) that features a fll gold brass body, Bell Garland and a higher percentage of handmade workmanship to make this a truly special tuba.